Upcoming Workshops


are all on hold until we can be sure that we can create a safe setting - some individual service available through Jane's private practice - www.coopercounselling.ca

Mats/Spots are limited so to secure your registration you will need to:

​1- reply to this email or email calgaryholotropicbreathwork@gmail.com expressing your interest

2- complete and return the registration form and consent document to calgaryholotropicbreathwork@gmail.com

3- submit the registration fee (early registration $150 e-transfer best)​Cost: $150.00 early registration and $185.00 up to two weeks prior 

4-attend an introductory webinar -essential if this is your first Holotropic Breathwork session and you are welcome to attend again if you are experienced

The next free introductory webinar is
Booking soon .....please invite people you know who may be interested in Holotropic Breathwork. 

click on the link below to join 


Zoom will ask you to download program - it should be quick and easy 

I look forward to supporting you in your self-discovery and process!


Are you ready to have one of the most interesting experiences of your life? 

Holotropic Breathwork is a powerful method for self-exploration.  Participants can experience profound insights and generally leave with a good appreciation for what can be encountered at a full day Holotropic Breathwork session.  

Your experience will be unique to you.  Participants have experienced deep meditative states, powerful insights, re-experienced and released trauma, past life memories, out of body, feelings of oneness with all and many other fascinating experiences.

Most participants walk away feeling excited, elated and deeply grateful for their experiences, but Holotropic Breathwork is powerful, deep work.  Jane Cooper is a certified counsellor and therapist and can offer ongoing integration support if requested.

Full Day Intensive Session

The full day session includes the full Holotropic Breathwork session including 3 hours as a sitter and 3 hours as a breather with mandala drawing/painting, opening and closing circles and longer integration.  The full day experience gives a much greater opportunity for the psyche to process the deep work effectively. 

Full day intensive workshops are very full often running from teh opening circle at 9am sharp to approximately 7pm when the integration circle is complete. 

Payment can be made through Paypal at:  PayPal.Me/coopercounselling


email money transfer using calgaryholotropicbreathwork@gmail.com 



Refund Policy: Refunds will be offered with 2 weeks cancellation notice, less a $75 administration fee (for fullday workshop).

Minimum participation is required to proceed with the full day workshop.  If the workshop is rescheduled, you will be offered a refund or opportunity to participate on another date. 

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