What is Holotropic Breathwork

Holotropic Breathwork is a powerful, natural method of self-exploration and personal transformation.  Holotropic Breathwork uses sustained, deep breathing and a musical soundscape to direct attention away from the everyday mind and into the deep psyche.  With controlled breathing, an enhanced state of consciousness is obtained; and then inner wisdom uses the opportunity to work toward physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing, exploration or developmental change. 



Using breath and music to induce enhanced states of consciousness has been a practice for as long as humans have been around.  Dr. Stanislov Grof and his wife Christina developed Holotropic Breathwork at Esalen Institute during the 1970s. It was based on the decades of consciousness research undertaken by Grof up to that time and motivated by the desire to reproduce the mind-expanding experiences of the psychedelic era through safe and natural means.


​​Enhanced States

In recent years, some there has been renewed interest in exploring methods of inducing enhanced states of consciousness to tap into internal wisdom to support healing and exploration.   Holotropic Breathwork is a safe and natural method of tapping into this internal wisdom. 



Mandalas are artwork created by the participant after the Holotropic Breathwork session as a representation of the feelings or visual images experienced.  What's important is to use an alternate form of expression from the thinking mind.  They are a key integration tool, helping participants process the experience.  Many people find their creativity grows overtime with Holotropic Breathwork practice.  The mandalas shown on this website are images created by participants after a Holotropic Breathwork session.


Western science is approaching a paradigm shift of unprecedented proportions, one that will change our concepts of reality and of human nature, bridge the gap between ancient wisdom and modern science, and reconcile the differences between Eastern spirituality and Western pragmatism.”– Dr. Stan Grof from Beyond the Brain.

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